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Few words

sociallyby or with respect to society; "socially accepted norms"
sociallyin a social manner; "socially unpopular"
symbolicallyby means of symbols; "symbolically expressed"
technicallywith regard to technical skill; "a technically brilliant solution"
technicallywith regard to technique; "technically lagging behind the Japanese"
temporallywith regard to temporal order; "temporally processed"
terminallyat the end; "terminally ill"
terrestriallyto a land environment; "terrestrially adapted"
territoriallywith respect to territory; "territorially important"
thematicallywith regard to thematic content; "thematically related"
therapeuticallyfor therapeutic purposes
geothermallyby means of heat from the interior of the earth
thermallyby means of heat or with respect to thermal properties
typicallyin a typical manner; "Tom was typically hostile"
atypicallyin a manner that is not typical; "she was atypically quiet"
untypicallyin a manner that is not typical; "she was atypically quiet"
verballyby means of language; "verbally expressive"
verballyas a verb; "he had a habit of using nouns verbally"
vocallyin a vocal manner; "she defended herself vocally"
nonverballywithout words; "they communicated nonverbally"
globallythroughout the world; "this is globally significant"
electricallyby electricity; "electrically controlled"
chemicallywith respect to chemistry; "chemically different substances"
chemicallyby the use of chemicals; "chemically fertilized"
with chemicalsby the use of chemicals; "chemically fertilized"