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Few words

inveteratelyin a habitual and long-standing manner; "smoking chronically"
contradictorilyin a contradictory manner; "he argued contradictarily"
electrostaticallyin an electrostatic manner; "the dust adhered electrostatically to the surface"
episodicallyin an episodic manner
fabulouslyin a fabulous manner; "she was a fabulously gifted player"
fantasticallyin a fabulous manner; "she was a fabulously gifted player"
feverishlyin a feverish manner; "she worked feverishly"
feudallyin a feudal manner; "a feudally organized society"
frontallyin, at, or toward the front
geometricallywith respect to geometry; "this shape is geometrically interesting"
glaciallyby a glacier; "glacially deposited material"
glaringlyin a glaring manner; "it was glaringly obvious"
gravitationallywith respect to gravitation; "gravitationally strong forces"
gutturallyin a guttural manner; "gutturally articulated"
hieroglyphicallyby means of hieroglyphs; "hieroglyphically written"
homeostaticallyin a homeostatic manner; "blood pressure is homeostatically regulated"
horticulturallyby means of horticulture
humanlyin the manner of human beings; "humanly possible"
imperiallyin an imperial manner; "imperially decreed"
incestuouslyby incest; "incestuously conceived"
inconceivablyto an inconceivable degree; "inconceivably small"
insistentlyin an insistent manner
institutionallyby an institution; "institutionally controlled"
judiciallyin a judicial manner; "judicially controlled process"
nasallyin a nasal manner; "inhaled nasally"